Seahawks superbowl party with Carolina Smoke bbq

Carolina Smoke is once again, pulling out all the stops for our fellow 12th MAN! Dave and the crew have put together a new set of party platters that you can pre-order for the big game!! Want to impress the folks at your Super Bowl party?? Carolina Smoke it up! (REMINDER: We have limited space on the smokers, so first come, first serve and all orders must be in by the 30th) Give Dave a call at 425-949-8672 and.....GO HAWKS!

Seahawk Chicken and Ribs Party Platter ($645.00)

30 Pieces of smoked chicken

10 Racks of baby back ribs

5 Pounds of fresh coleslaw

1 Large pan of Carolina Cornbread


The Carolina Pounder Party Platter ($510.00)

5 Pounds of slow smoked Pulled Pork

5 Pounds of slow smoked beef brisket

5 Full racks of Baby Back ribs

5 Pounds of fresh coleslaw

5 Pounds of potato salad

5 Pounds of Carolina baked beans

1 Small pan of Carolina Cornbread


Carolina Wing Platters

20 Slow smoked Carolina Buffalo Wings $18

50 Slow Smoked Carolina Buffalo Wings $45

100 Slow Smoked Carolina Buffalo Wings $95



Carolina Smoke Slow Smoked Turkey's for Thanksgiving

Carolina Smoke BBQ is taking pre-orders for slow smoked Turkey's for Thanksgiving. Each of these delicious birds are from 14-16lb, all natural turkey. Each of these juicy birds come with detailed reheating instructions that will ensure 100% awesomeness.

Pick-up is November 21st and last day for ordering is  November 16th. Get your orders in ASAP because there is only so much room on the smoker.